Essex Pest Control provides reliable, professional, and discreet pest control to clients who face a variety of infestation problems. Typical pests commonly eliminated for clients include carpenter ants, sugar ants, ticks, yellow jackets, bald faced hornets, mice, and rats. Moreover, our team can diagnose both the extent and type of infestation that may not be obvious to the client themselves. We also work with entomologists and other wildlife experts when necessary to eliminate the given problem safely and completely. Most of our “Bee” calls are usually identified as a Wasp, Yellow Jacket or Bald Faced Hornet. When we get the occasional Honeybee call, we refer to the Essex County Beekeepers Association.


Each plan of action is priced specifically according to the homeowner’s needs. Square footage, stories and levels of the premises, the location of and how extensive the problem is, are all taken into consideration. Essex Pest Control does not have a “one price fits all“ methodology as we believe that every situation and every home is different. After the pest problem you are having is discussed and the necessary information is received, an estimate can be provided to you. Once the estimate is agreed upon, we will schedule an appointment to begin treatment. Payment is expected at time of treatments. We accept Cash, Check, and Venmo.

Our Process


Essex Pest Control offers a commitment-free phone consultation at no cost to the prospective client.


One of our Pest Management Professionals will provide you with an estimate based on the nature and extent of the situation diagnosed.


During your appointment, we’ll meet you at your residential property and explain the treatment plan.


Once the pest is treated, we’ll review the treatment plan and explain what to expect in the process of extermination.

Treatment includes follow-up calls and visits as required included in the overall treatment.

Emergency services are also available. For honest, transparent, thorough, and professional pest services, call Essex Pest Control.

We do not kill honeybees as they are important to our food supply.
We identify first and then partner with a honeybee removal service. All honeybee work is referred to the Essex County Beekeepers Association.
We do not handle wildlife infestations.
We can recommend the appropriate vendor nearest to your community.