Our Story

Dick Herbert, an entrepreneur, established Essex Pest Control in 1980. While this was a business and a job, he acquired more than customers, he established friendships. He had a heart for service and did what he could to make others happy and their lives a little easier. Essex Pest Control had originated as a solo business, but each one of his children and even some of his grandchildren worked with him at some point of time. In 2005, his eldest son, David, became a partner in the business and now continues his father’s legacy of service, compassion, and professionalism.

Essex Pest Control remains a local family-owned business that takes pride in our work. That’s why we remain committed to meeting our clients’ pest control needs from the moment we speak to the homeowner on the phone and meet them at their property.

The Pest Management Professionals at Essex Pest Control are dedicated to helping you protect your home, pets and loved ones from stinging insects, carpenter ants, ticks and mice and rats. For over four decades, we have been solving the toughest pest control issues seen by clients in this region. Essex Pest Control includes experienced staff who know how to diagnose, treat, and prevent subsequent pest infestation problems.