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Essex Pest Control offers a commitment-free phone consultation at no cost to the prospective client.


One of our Pest Management Professionals will provide you with an estimate based on the nature and extent of the situation diagnosed.


During your appointment, we’ll meet you at your residential property and explain the treatment plan.


Once the pest is treated, we’ll review the treatment plan and explain what to expect in the process of extermination.


Insect prevention is a multifaceted process involving specialized and area-specific treatments to manage the presence of carpenter ants, stinging insects, ticks, mice and rats. Essex Pest Control uses a multi-stage approach to insect and pest extermination using specialized products to treat insects on location as well as to prevent them from reproducing. Essex Pest Control also effectively rids clients’ homes of rodents such as mice and rats quickly and safely.

Carpenter Ants

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Mice & Rats


Massachusetts residents know that Essex County is truly a beautiful place to live. And living near the ocean, ponds and streams as well as wooded areas can invite unwanted pests into your yard and home. Essex Pest Control can help protect your family, pets, and home from insect and pest damage. Our Pest Management Professionals will make sure that your pest treatments are child safe and pet friendly. Essex Pest Control has experience treating pests thoroughly, swiftly, and in a cost-effective manner. The benefits of contracting a Pest Management Professional include timely inspection of your property, administering treatments that protect your home and family, and preventing future outbreaks. If you find that your home remedies or applications are not working, Essex Pest Control can help rid your home of stinging insects, carpenter ants, ticks, mice and rats quickly. Call us today for a no-obligation, free phone consultation at 978-462-2199.


“Essex Pest Control has been bug-proofing our home for 30 years. We’ve always been impressed by their professional manner, knowledge, and service-oriented attitude. They respond quickly to calls, keep their appointments, explain their methods, and guarantee their work. All this, and reasonable prices too!”

- Ron and Nancy K.

Newburyport MA

“I have used Essex Pest for nearly 20 years. Dave is extremely knowledgeable and honest. He will help with any pest issue and explain what should be done. I always recommend his company if anyone on Facebook asks who to call.”
- Ellie S.

Merrimac MA

“I have utilized Essex Pest Control pest services for well over 10 years. Dave provided various pest removal treatment for termites, mice, ants, bees, and wasps for me. Dave’s expertise is top notch, and the job is always done right the first time. I highly recommend Essex Pest Control for your pest removal problems!”
- Stephen G.

Merrimac MA